Room 101

by NyteShayde

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A musical journey 20 years in the making. This album is a twisting tale from the utopian adventures on a far away journey to dystopian nightmares of propaganda and war.
Power, grandeur and inner reflection are cornerstones of these songs.


released June 1, 2017



all rights reserved


NyteShayde Brisbane, Australia

Candellan (Producer, Instruments, Vocalist)

Erszabetta (Lyricist)

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Track Name: Atmospheric Assault
Rise, Arise

All rise & see the dawn
All bow, bearer of scorn
Now come, to pledge your life
Now go, and spread the lies

Call, Call

Calling back, the massive swarm
Calling all, who've seen the dawn
Decaying time, is running out
Decaying life, is fighting on

Darkness, is all I am
Darkness, then bolts of light

Fall, Fall

Falling though, the lightning sky
Falling down, the swarm's on fire
Burning glow, of steel & glass
Burning out, the craft alight

My vision is fire, all consuming
My vision is failing, all gone
The heat is unrelenting
The heart is stopping
Track Name: A Call to Arms
Vision guides us, hearing alerts us, skin shudders and senses quicken our hearts.

Fear, adrenaline and panic are conditions to overcome if we are to succeed.
Track Name: Abandon Your Idols
Who I am is undefined by nature
How I'm made is not my future
You are the sum of your parts
I'm the potential for change

I've moved on from your influence
In making my own way to fate
If I can't stand on my own two feet
Then how am I gonna survive

Same environment, same outcome
New experience, new development
Become the possible, become the now
Break your past and abandon your idols

If pain, loss and suffering I'll know
Then the road is just and true
If hope, glory and riches then
What's my own and what's your due

Same environment, same outcome
New experience, new development
Make the change, do it now
Break your past and abandon your idols

Who we are is evolving
Break your chains
Potential limited by fear
Break your chains
Let go of your hate
Break your chains

Same environment, same outcome
New experience, new development
Use your past to shape the future
Make it yours then abandon your idols
Track Name: The Age of Entitlement (is over)
If decisions like that are the Captain's Call then it is high time for a mutiny

Worst leader in our history
Political terrorism taken hold
Worthless rhetoric, insane policies
Only got the job for money and power
Vile decisions made without remorse
Rape in detention. Gotta stop the boats

Corrupt politicians, you're gone
Corrupt big businesses, you're fucked
We see the truth, blinders are off
Don't believe sound bites, lies in headlines

Work us till we're 70
Fuck up our health care
Screw the economy
And ruin the reef

Corrupt politicians, You're gone
Corrupt big businesses, You're fucked
We see the truth, blinders are off
Don't believe sound bites, lies in headlines

Waste the nation's resources
Waste the taxpayers hard earned
Wallow in stolen generations power
Swallow the rich man's bishop
Rolling overland in a wave of coal
No care for us who call it home

Corrupt politicians, You're gone
Corrupt big businesses, You're fucked
We see the truth, blinders are off
Don't believe sound bites, lies in headlines
People power needs to work
To fight corruption with honesty
Call the working man lazy while they glut
Show the trough hogs they're the leaners

Rape of young ones by the cloth
Hide it all behind the dock
Mates in wigs make fake decisions
To keep their own sins hidden
Smiles of social workers desperate
Nothing they can do to stop the rot
Press sells fear to hide their status
As puppets for the men in charge

Corrupt politicians, You're gone
Corrupt big businesses, You're fucked
Corrupt media, you're liars
Corrupt system, you're done
We say, we say, The age of entitlement is over
Track Name: Prelude to the Adventure
They say a journey starts with a single step
And wisdom grows from experience
Ah the young believe they are immortal
but the old turn their eyes to the sky and pray for peace
They say survival is a skill learned over a long life
and only the wise live long enough to learn it
Those foolish enough to rush into battle die fast
It is the wily who live to see another day
I remember the day we burned the dead then turned for home
I remember the scents of blood and fire and the taste ashes on my tongue
Bitter sweet and as sweetly bitter as the remains of life and love mourned
Track Name: The Adventure - Part 1
The rain fell as I left my home, locking the door, my heart pounding with fear and excitement.
Hearth and home offered safety, but this was adventure, so I set off with hope in my heart.

Each step took me further from the known and into a land of sensation.
New sights, new scents, new textures, and people speaking in exotic tongues.

The warm brush of my partner's hair under my hands,
And a fresh spring breeze flutters the brim of my hat.
Onward I roam.
Track Name: Cathedral March
Wedding feast sits on the table, bridal flowers perfuming the air

All together, we celebrate life, joy and laughter ringing through the hall

Into town there rides a stranger, pale of flesh, just skin and bone

Callous faces turn towards him, cruel eyes gleam his despair

He reaches out for a hand to hold, skin hunger, making him bold

Backs turned, faces averted, alone he stands hope abandons all plans

Silent distain meets his desperation, seeking contact, aching approval

One last gesture seeking friendship, one last chance for abrogation

Dark desire, silent bier, twisted briar, pain is gone

Eternity stretches, sorrow fetches, poor wretches, nightmare song

In celebration, dancing, loud and prancing, noone notices his hand.
Outstretched reaching for the
Bride's sweet waist in
shock he clasps her flesh to his

Husband stepping back in fear, bride's ashen face filled with pain

Eyes meeting, bones creaking
Their love giving, they dance close
Surrounded by, the living
Death takes bride, their last waltz
Humanity resile, as dead arise
Breathe darkness, dull the light
As they touch, sparks collide
They pirouette, dark world laud

They dance in splendour fast and delicate
As they spin she begins to change

Flesh and youth turn to bone and wither
She laughs and twirls beneath a gibbous moon

The party scatters, fear and horror
As death and his bride take their leave

Groom caresses with bony fingers
Marching figures in their wake
Her love cries for loss to grieve

His powers empty every coffin
Dead now do their graves forsake

Dark horse whinnies as they ride
Track Name: The Adventure - Part 2
The savour of sweet wines and bitter beers.
My stoic companion led the way.
He taught with silence letting me fall in his wake.
I stumbled behind, gradually gaining in confidence, as experience taught me.

We crossed many lands, arid deserts, steaming rain forests, butterfly strewn meadows and even an erupting volcano.
I froze, boiled, sweated and cursed.
Our packs lightened in deserted areas and we refilled them wherever we found life, or could pick fruits, sometimes even hunt.

The creatures made a change from killing men.
I learned what I could eat and what would poison me.
What tasted good and what gave me the runs.
I learned which peoples sought to fight us,
and who would give us shelter.
Who pretended to fight for our cause and where strange friends were met in the arms of battle.
Track Name: Whispers and Shouting
Far off in the distance a figure appears
A sheltered light is dim and unclear
Friend or foe there's doubt in the crew
Light him up then we'll see what to do

Through a scope the world changes
White hot and with clear dangers
Just a momentary act
Then clear the chamber
Eject the case then bolt it back
Hide the brake under a sack
Be a master of evasion
All this in an unfamiliar nation

Tonight on duty it's long after 2
From dusk till dawn what will I do
Posted as a guard it's a bore
When all I want is back in the war

Back home I try hard to adjust
Make a home and try as I must
See a show about my old crew
Wishing I was with them too

So why don't I try being a spy
To see the world again through one eye
The private sector's taking on again
Might even bump into an old friend

To go overseas would make me glad
Better than the job I just had
That momentary act I'm craving
All this in an unfamiliar nation
Track Name: Xeno
Who are they when I'm not there
What do they do with their time
The snide remarks of slithered tongue
The poison of the ego and status

Would you see if the parts were whole
Would it be clear to you the sum
Are any of you going to soar
Are any of you ever to know it

My soul is under new management
My life, so brutally controlled
Puppet thoughts, someone else censors me
Telling me that I feel fine
There’s nothing to fear or worry about
I haven't crossed that line yet

Enveloped by someone else's wants and needs
Belittled by a darker soul
Freedom trapped in a cage of white lies and worse
Performing for an ill mannered clown

Under my calm surface a volcano erupts
Pouring volumes of rage into an simple minded world
My sight is dappled with darkening wings
Tunnel vision replacing my dreams

Wallow in pity
Drown in the pain
Wash off the ego
Sore pride remains
Swear on the vengeance
Vow to set straight
All the transgressions
All of these must change
Track Name: Shooting for the Stars (with a handgun)
Eternity is not far away,
modernity is here to stay,
my dreams are making me crazy

I want be safe,
I want to be whole,
but society's making me hazy

Every day I need you,
every night I pray for you,
when we're together I feel you
But life keeps getting between us

I'm shooting for the stars (with a handgun) Looking for heaven (in your arms)
I want the whole world to know (that I love you)
I know I'm crazy (but I love you so)

I'm shooting for the stars (with a handgun)
My heart pounds (when you turn on the charm)
So secure when you hold me (and you love me)
So sad when I am without you
I need you please don't let me go
Track Name: The Final Battle
Fighting bandits that threaten the weak, who run when they come up against the strong.
Fighting tribes who propel their twisted lives, and their lies come undone when we deny their fame.

Trudging through the cold and the rain, your clothes freeze to ice and your skin burns.
Chasing pickpockets and realising they're desperate children.

Gasping as I see high city towers and glorious glaciers
All amazing technology from primitive tribes to the present.

Fighting troops that threaten the weak who run when they come up against the strong.
Fighting hordes who propel their twisted lives
and their lies come undone.

Every day I thank the sky that I am alive.
Meeting strangers warily, will they will be friend or foe.

Dust and mud cover my boots. Tear in my pants from a knife fight.
Wounds heal slowly, the spirit is drained of hope and milk of human kindness.

Fighting cities that threaten the weak who run when they come up against the strong.
Fighting throngs who propel their twisted lives, and their lies come undone.

Fighting battalions that threaten the weak who run when they come up against the strong.
Fighting legions who propel their twisted lives, and their lies come undone.